octodev.io - free wildcard dns


free wildcard dns created for octohost.

Use it Free

Install the octohost server.

Build your own for AWS, Rackspace, Digital Ocean or Vagrant here: https://github.com/octohost/octohost-cookbook

Download an already built Vagrant box here: https://github.com/octohost/octovagrant

Launch octohost with the private address of

All possible combinations of *.octodev.io point to

Push your source code to octohost

git clone git@github.com:octohost/harp.git && cd harp
git remote add octo git@serve.octodev.io:random-name-here.git
git push octo master
lynx http://random-name-here.octodev.io

Why don't you just use .dev?

$70 / year saves me hours and hours of time explaining how to setup dnsmasq, etc.